Links - Reflections by Craig & Tammy

Great Photography Sites:

David Rosenthal - great astrophotography by David Rosenthal 

imagery by Eric - great astrophotography and superb infrared photography by Eric Chesak

ASTRONOMERS DO IT IN THE DARK - great astrophotography by Scott Rosen

Mose Mathis Fine Art - beautiful color and B&W photography by Mose Mathis

Ginger's Postcards from Earth and Beyond - wonderful landscape photography of both day and night skies, scenics and nature

Astrophoto Gallery - a huge variety of astrophotos, by group members, of all things astro

Bill Snyder Astrophotography - great astrophotography by Bill Snyder

kimball's astro-photography pages - great astrophotography using a DSLR by Chuck Kimball

- great astrophotography/electronic magazine website by Steve Linden

Equipment & Software


Bahtinov Grabber

Books, Tutorials & Other Helpful Links

Photoshop Astronomy (paperback) by R. Scott Ireland

IP4AP (Image Processing for Astrophotography) - great tutorials for Photoshop & PixInsight

Astronomy Magazine

Sky & Telescope Magazine

Catching the Light - Astrophotography by Jerry Lodriguss - "a web site of astronomical photographs, tips and techniques for digital DSLR astrophotography, and image processing in Photoshop"

Astronomical Image Processing Tutorials by Donald P. Waid

E-Z CCD DVD - astronomical image processing video lectures by Tony Hallas

Making Every Pixel Count- Powerful Processing in Photoshop by Adam Block

Astronomy Technology Today Magazine

Amateur Astronomy Magazine - "News For, By and About Amateur Astronomers Around the World"